How We Live: Office Space

Ryan Walker and Alissa Parker-Walker, shoppers for Horne, share their charming office space

It’s not surprising that the home office of Ryan Walker and Alissa Parker-Walker is charming. After all, the Philadelphia couple handpicks each treasure for their sleek, in-the-know Web store Horne, e-tailer of design-minded, best-of-all-possible-worlds basics. To wit: Horne’s paper shredders are Japanese, smaller than a shoe box, and operated by a delightfully retro hand crank; spoons are handmade from bone on the coast of Kenya;  sets of teeny stainless-steel-outside, colorful-inside bowls are Paul Smith. The couple’s workspace is functional and artful, organized but loosely so, with nary a stodgy leather nail-head chair, crumpled Post-it or plastic storage bin in sight. We talked to Parker-Walker to find out how she makes her office look so, well, un-office-y.