Michael Vick Wants a Dog

Plus the latest Cliff Lee news, why DRPA's making you pay more to get to and from Jersey, a potential update on the Kensington strangler, and more of what Philly is talking about today

More Cliff Lee News. At yesterday’s press conference, Roy Halladay addressed the potential rivalry between himself and Lee by saying, “All I want to do is win.” Hey, us too! [700 Level] Read the full transcript of the press conference here. [Philly Sports Central] And don’t even think about puking on someone at the ballpark this year, because according to some folks, Cliff Lee has completely transformed our reputation for being a bit, um, unlikable as fans. [Daily News]

Bridge Tolls Increase. Delaware River bridge tolls will go up by $1 and PATCO train fares will increase by 10 percent on July 1. Thanks, DRPA!  [Inquirer]

This Seems Like a Bad Idea. Michael Vick wants a pet dog. [theGrio]

PHA Party Time! It spite of the massive federal investigation, PHA is hosting a holiday party. Admission is $25 and the money will go toward Toys for Tots. That’s according to the always-trustworthy allies of Carl Greene. [Daily News]

PA Voters Choose Fiscal Responsibility Over Booze. A survey by Quinnipiac University found nine out of 10 Pennsylvania voters regard the state’s budget problems as serious, and a majority favor selling the state liquor stores to help avoid a deficit next year. [The Intelligencer]

Kensington Strangler Strikes Again? A partially-clothed woman with a plastic bag covering her head was found deadin a desolate lot in Kensington yesterday. Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey says investigators are uncertain whether this crime is related to a string of other murders in the area. [Daily News]  But what if there is no Kensington strangler at all? [Citypaper]

School District Settles With U.S. Justice Department. Strict guidelines will protect South Philly High students from racial bias and the school district will submit to federal and state oversight. [The Notebook]