What to Watch Tonight

A mind-bender, animated fun ... and the Muppets!

Buy It: Inception (PG-13, 2010). Is it a masterpiece? Is it a mind-numbing exercise? Whatever you believe, you cannot deny the magnetic power of this sure-to-be Oscar nominee for Best Picture. Helmed by Christopher Nolan (The Dark Night), this time- and mind-bending action flick is filled with amazing special effects. The action sequence with Joseph Gordon-Levitt fighting in a gravity-less hotel hallway is reason enough to add this movie to your Blu-Ray collection. My Grade: A-

Rent It: Shrek Forever After (PG, 2010). While the movie — as a whole — lacks the eventful energy or mirthful heights of the first two Shrek films, it has many hilarious moments (the inspired Gladiator-like setting of Gingerbread Man versus the Animal Crackers) and stunning technology (Stiltskin’s beautiful magical contract). The movie certainly pales in comparison to this year’s spectacular Toy Story 3 and How to Train Your Dragon. But, it’s an admirable capstone to the monstrous franchise. My Grade: B-

Queue It: Muppets Christmas Carol (PG, 1992). It’s been almost 20 years since its release. So get in the holiday spirit — and try to forget every other Muppet movie released since — with this hilarious take on the oft-told story. Starring Michael Caine, Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, and Rizzo the Rat. My Grade: A-