This Just In: Old City gets a Jonathan Adler Store

The gay designer brings his signature wares to town. By Lauren McCutcheon

To say that I have a harmless crush on Jonathan Adler, design god, potter extraordinaire all-around marvelous (and handsome!) man whose company makes needlepoint pillows and furniture and many other things I crave (and, to be frank, his partner Simon Doonan) would be an understatement. I like to imagine that one day that they, other fun design-y friends, say, Amy Sedaris and Parker Posey will all sit around eating homemade marshmallows and making crafts out of homemade marshmallows, and possibly singing campfire songs. (A person can fantasize.) So, when my friend A.M. texted to tell me she spotted this sign on the Old City window formerly known as Foster’s, I pretty much flipped in my very ugly office-issue chair. (As person can passive aggressively gripe, too.) Then, “a person” began to stalk the nice, nice people at Jonathan Adler, including NYC store manager John Minor, who used to live in Philly in this amazing apartment.

But enough about moi. Store details:

Jonathan Adler, 33 North 3rd Street. Phone TBA. Expected opening date: Monday, December 13. Look: two floors, 3,000 square feet, lots of pretty walnut (the wood, not the nuts), and tons and tons of fun, fun merch.