Gay News Headlines

From heated politics to alleged lesbian infidelity

From heated political campaigns and sexual harassment to rumors of lesbian infidelity, there have been plenty of gay news headlines this week. Here are just a few stories you may have missed.

A GOP candidate in Wisconsin compared gay marriage to marrying a clock – and a dog.

Nevada Tea Party House candidate Sharron Angle sends The View‘s Joy Behar hate flowers after Behar called her political ad “racist.” Behar later donated $5,000 to God’s Love We Deliver in Angle’s name (the donation was matched by each of her co-hosts).

An ice cream ad featuring gay priests has been banned in the U.K.

Thirteen political races are under a lavender magnifying glass in anticipation of next week’s election. Rock the Vote.

A gay detective is suing the NYPD for sexual harassment.

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, shows her love for the Scissor Sisters, the electro-pop band that will be opening for Lady Gaga in February.

A member of the Arkansas school board would prefer to see “fags” dead than alive. He shared his thoughts on his Facebook page recently.

New social network Friendfactor woos LGBT members with online rights campaign.

An Emory University student may have been forcibly dragged out of a frat party for being gay.

President Obama has appointed a record number of LGBT people to posts in his administration, says HRC.

DADT activist Dan Choi apologizes for his slur against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in a Village Voice interview.

An NBC affiliate asks viewers to weigh in on whether LGBT rights will destroy America.

The much-anticipated Alienprequel” features a gay sex scene.

With her marriage on the rocks, Christina Aguilera’s rumored to be dating Lindsay Lohan’s ex DJ Samantha Ronson.