Philadelphia Has Ugly Men

Ranked as the 7th ugliest in the country. Plus: A Chester man planned to eat kittens, Lower Merion names its gym after Kobe, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Gubernatorial Candidates Debate Shale Tax! It was Corbett-Onorato Round III, and this time the guv candidates went after each other over….a natural gas tax. The Scoop is trying hard to pay attention to this race, but these guys aren’t making it easy. [Inquirer]

Get Ready for A New Dilworth Plaza. The area on the west side of City Hall is getting ready for a $50 million makeover. When it’s finished in 2013 the concrete will be replaced by grass and trees. [Inquirer]

Man Planned to Eat Kittens. A drunken Chester man brought two kittens home on Sunday night and told his roommate he planned to make a meal of them. The roomie called the cops, and the man was arrrested. [Daily News]

Toomey Goes After Sestak’s Dog. Well, actually he said that Bella, featured in a new Sestak ad that’s all about poop (as in, Dems need to clean up GOP poop), was cute. But he said the ad shows how desperate Sestak is. Somewhere Lincoln and Douglas are shaking their heads….[Patriot News]

Want Fewer Concussions in the NFL? Make the Field Bigger. So says Ray Didinger. And while that may sound kind of goofy, he’s in the NFL Hall of Fame as a sportswriter–so that counts for something. [CSN Philly]

Philly Has Ugly Men. So says some crap web site, which ranks Philadelphia men as the seventh ugliest in America. Number one: El Paso, Texas. []

Lower Merion to Name New Gym After Kobe Bryant. The superstar player, a ’96 grad, has donated $400K to the school. [Main Line Times]

South Street Bridge to Re-open. Mark November 6th on your calendar. The Scoop is particularly excited because he can see the bridge outside his window. (The Scoop is easily amused.) []