Dinner With … Jean-Marie Lacroix

Former Fountain and Lacroix chef, now partner in Max & Me Catering

What you did during your two years of semi-retirement: I became a private chef to one person. My wife.


Where you’ve been dining now that you have more time on your hands: I tell you one thing. I went to Le Bec-Fin for lunch recently, and it was one of the best meals I ever had.

Of Le Bec and Lacroix, place you’d rather go for lunch: Impossible. I need two days. One for Lacroix. One for Le Bec.

Your wine of the moment: Right now, being so hot, I have rosé. From the south of France.

What the French have that we never will: The only place you can have good bread in the world is France.

Pet peeve as a diner: A cold plate. Some chefs don’t pay attention.

Most overused flavor in kitchens today: Too much cilantro is a disaster.

Underused: Lemon. It’s so versatile.

Favorite fruit: White peaches. And mirabelle, a very small yellowish plum that’s not in this country yet.

What you think of chefs opening multiple restaurants quickly: I don’t understand it. Do they last? I’m not so sure.