Taste: Dining Out: Dinner With … Stephen Starr

Usual breakfast: Granola and bananas.

How you take your coffee: One Equal and skim milk.

Number of times per week you eat in your restaurants: Maybe one human-being sit-down meal and 20 standing-in-the-kitchen meals.

Last three non-Starr restaurants visited: Kanella, Amis and Zeke’s Deli.

How long since your last Wawa hoagie: Never ate one.

Preferred cocktail: Vodka. Not often, but when I have it, as a martini. Or straight with ice. Ketel One.

Food you’re most likely to grill out back: Chicken. And Hebrew National hot dogs.

Preferred ballpark food: I avoid eating there. But sometimes a soft pretzel.

How your diet has changed since 1980: It’s much, much worse now.

Secret food vice: You know, deep down, I actually love eating healthy. No ice cream, no dessert. I love lima beans.

Last time you ate a meal without thinking about work: A tuna sub at Sack O’ Subs in Ventnor. Four years ago.

Next big Philly food trend: More Italian food, because in the end, all people really want is Italian.