Who’s That Woman with Ed Rendell?

It sure as hell wasn't Midge. Plus: Election results, Sarah Palin gets confused, and more of what Philly is talking about this morning

Who’s That Woman with Ed Rendell? Who was the tall elegant blonde with Ed Rendell at the Famous Fourth Street Deli yesterday? Dr. Kirstin Snow, former Mrs. Pennsyvlania. As the DN noted, “It sure looked like she had won Ed’s vote.” Check out the photo, too. [Daily News]

Sarah Palin Is Confused About Who Specter Was Running Against. In an appearance on FOX News, she seemed to think he was up against Republican Tim Burns (who was running for a Congressional seat — and lost — in central Pa.) [newshounds.us]

Sestak Starts His Campaign Against Toomey…at 5:45 a.m. Yes, this morning. Is it just the Scoop, or is there something a little loopy about this guy? [PoliticsPA]

Recount! No, not in Specter-Sestak. In the Dem lieutenant governor’s race, featuring Philly’s own Jonathan Saidel, who’s neck-and-neck with Scott Conklin. [Daily News]

Recount II! Upstart Manan Trivedi has a few-hundred-vote lead over Doug Pike in the battle to see who’ll face Jim Gerlach for Congress. [Inquirer]

Is Harold Honickman Trying to Buy His Way Out of the Soda Tax? The local bottling tycoon and philanthropist — whose net worth has been estimated at $850 million — is offering the city $10 million to drop the soda tax. [Inquirer]

PennDOT Says Some Inspection Stickers Not Sticking. Their solution: Stick it back on as best you can. [6abc]

PennDOT Tweets. In more PennDOT news: They’ve starting user Twitter for transportation and travel tips, but no traffic conditions. (Okay, this officially concludes the PennDOT portion of the Daily Scoop.) [Business Journal]

Welcome to Philly, Eh? A Canadian sportswriter gets his car vandalized and his license plate stolen at the Flyers game. “Some Philadelphia fans — not unlike fans in other cities including Montreal — have never learned that there’s a fine line between supporting a team and criminal behaviour.” [Montreal Gazette]