Council Member on Taser Incident: Blame the Suburbanites!

People from the 'burbs are giving Philly a bad name. Plus: a "Taserdelphia" t-shirt, a clueless Arlene Ackerman, and more of what Philly is yapping about this morning

Council Member: Blame the Suburbanites! Talking about tasers, Jim Kenney says suburban folks come to the city and don’t know how to behave. []

Taserdelphia: The T-Shirt Is Here. Twelve bucks — proceeds benefit CHOP. [logowearhouse]

Is the Soda Tax Still Alive? The Nutter folks are pushing it at a lower rate. []

School On Saturdays? A Senate bill would require kids to go to school on Saturdays to make up for snow days and cancellations. [Patriot News]

Mets Fan Jon Stewart Mocks Philly. And manages to work in a taser bit, too. [The 700 Level]

Tastykake Takes the Wrapper Off Its New HQ at the Navy Yard. It’s 345,000 square feet of yumminess. [Business Journal]

Arlene Ackerman “Shocked” By Fuss Over Her $65,000 Bonus. Which the Scoops thinks is proof of just how f—ing clueless she really is. [WHYY]