Pulse: Chatter: Politics: What’s Next for Ed

Come November, the good Guv is a free agent. Here’s where insiders think he might land.

“He could run a major foundation — after 30 years asking for money, he says, it’d be nice to give it away.”  — Alan Kessler, lawyer and fund-raiser

“He could be head of a university or foundation, in addition to writing his memoir. Five or six chapters are done now — it’s called something like You Can’t Make This Shit Up.”  — Meryl Levitz, head of GPTMC

“I wouldn’t rule out talk-show host — either sports or politics.”  — Michael Barkann, sportscaster, host with Ed of Eagles Post Game Live

“Penn wouldn’t appoint a non–academic as president — though I could see him as athletic director. What do I really think he’ll do? A serious Washington job. Secretary of Labor or Commerce.”  — Neil Oxman, political consultant

Baseball commissioner has been bandied about — he’d really enjoy that. He’ll definitely live in Philadelphia, because that’s where his dogs are.”  — Judge Midge Rendell