Tastykake: Baker of the Year!

No, seriously, they are. Plus: Brian Tierney's big win in court, tough news about Big Daddy Graham, and more of what Philly is chattering about this morning

Investors Get Screwed by Judges in Inky Bankruptcy Case. Okay, let’s see if we have this straight: you loan a bunch of cash to people to buy something and they lose money out the wazoo. Then, when you try to repossess the property, the judges say the money you’re owed doesn’t mean squat? Hello? The Scoop thinks it might be time to bring back debtors’ prison. [Inky]

Big Daddy Graham Has Throat Cancer. This has us bummed. [PhillyGossip]

Buy A Piece of Citizens Bank Park. No kidding — the Phils tore up the turf and are selling it piece by piece. [the700level, philly.com]

Kathleen Turner As Molly Ivins. The Times weighs in on Philadelphia Theatre Co.’s new show. [NY Times]

Who’s the “Baker of the Year?” Yes, it’s our very own Tasty Baking. Or so says Baking & Snack magazine. Wow, Avatar passed over again. [PR Newswire]