Taste: Cravings: Hot Chocolate

Ditch the Swiss Miss

This season’s signature libation is light-years away from that powdered, chalky stuff Mom used to mix with milk. The Franklin Fountain, normally known for summertime sundaes, is taking a cue from the Europeans by serving a thick, bittersweet drinking chocolate blend from France (pictured). It’s topped off with a homemade marshmallow for good measure. (We’d be remiss not to mention Franklin’s hot chocolate float, which tastes as awesome as it sounds.) South Philly’s Café con Chocolate lives up to its name with a Oaxaca chocolate drink that gets depth from cinnamon and almond. Over at Max Brenner, warming options range from cappuccino blended with hot chocolate cream to melted dark chocolate from Venezuela; mix-ins like raspberry and booze are encouraged. Ask for the made-for-lingering “hug mug” that warms the palms of your hands.