The Danny Seo 4-1-1

In which our favorite green guru reveals his favorite local antiques emporiums, beauty secrets, flea markets — and even offers up the phone number of his contractor

On Bathing
“My new house has a 40-year-old bamboo grove growing in the front yard. Wholearth’s bamboo body scrub comes from my fascination with the fast-growing grass. It’s my favorite because it feels so soft to the touch, but foams up when you add water. It makes your skin just feel so great.” Wholearth by Danny Seo, available at Anthropologie stores,

On Breakfast
“I am obsessed with buying fresh eggs from my neighbors. Their egg stand is based on the honor system: You put $3.50 in the box and take a dozen. You can see the chickens walking around the yard. The theory is chickens will eat only what they find tasty when they’re free-range — and therefore the eggs taste amazing. Once you’ve had fresh eggs, you’ll never go back.”

On Collecting
“I’ve been buying large glass water jugs for a while now — I just love their blue tint. I group them together at home as a collection.”

On Good Food

Jamie Hollander in New Hope, every time. I have this deal with Jamie: no utensils, no disposables, only reusable bowls and trays. I bring everything back to him to be reused. He does a great job catering photo shoots and parties; the food is always perfect, and so reasonably priced.”  Jamie Hollander Gourmet Foods, 415 York Road, New Hope, 215-862-9809,

On Wine
“In Stockton, New Jersey, there’s a fabulous wine store called Phillips’ Fine Wines. The place is deceptive: It looks small, but there are so many rooms dedicated to all types of hard-to-find wines. They give discounts when you buy a case — even mixed cases — and when you ask for a recommendation, they always seem to make inexpensive picks that end up being incredible.” Phillips’ Fine Wines, 17 Bridge Street, Stockton, 609-397-0587,

On Treasure-Hunting
Artefact near my house is all architectural salvage, antiques, and strange pieces you can’t find anywhere else. I bought a giant carved eagle there, and now it’s perched in my craft room. Every house needs something peculiar.” Artefact Architectural Antiques, 790 Edison Furlong Road, Furlong, 215-794-8790,

On the Great Outdoors
“When I bought the new house, what struck me most was the location. There’s a park with a bridge over a creek just half a mile down the road. It’s fun to go there in the summer and walk through the creek, picking up rocks and seeing fish swim about. In fall, it’s just stunning with the leaves changing color. And winter, all you see are snow-dusted trees and hillsides everywhere, with birds foraging for food. I also love Ringing Rocks Park, because when you go there, you can literally hit the rocks with a hammer to hear them ring!” Ringing Rocks Park, Ringing Rocks Road, Upper Black Eddy,