Why Philly Matters: Return to Sender

Like an illicit affair, the city gets into your blood, and can still drive you crazy years after you’ve left it. In a love (hate) letter to the town that launched her career, LISA DePAULO proves that while you can take the girl out of Philly …

Because of DiNardo’s, Termini’s and Tony Luke’s. (I won’t elaborate on the last one because I’m determined to write this without mentioning the C*@!*&steak.) People think when I come back to Philly I’m going to those groovy Stephen Starr places. Are you kidding me? I live in New York — we have Stephen Starr here, thank you very much. But let me tell you what we don’t have in New York. Just try to find a hard-shell crab. (There’s a rumor they have some in Queens; I don’t do the outer boroughs.) I have been known to take the train to Philadelphia on a whim just to take a disgusting Philly cab down to DiNardo’s and back. (Will you please fix the cabs?)

Because people who can’t live in New York have to live somewhere.

Lisa DePaulo is a correspondent at GQ magazine.