Movers and Shapers

This year, hundreds of local designers will host symposia, open studios, installations, parties and exhibits in 90 events from October 16th to 22nd

Lewis Wexler, Wexler Gallery
201 North 3rd Street, 215-923-7030,

Wexler’s interest in DesignPhiladelphia is quite simple. As a purveyor of handcrafted modern art, he cheers the opportunity to point out what he considers a remarkable instance of Philly design: his block of North 3rd Street in Old City. Up and down the block, Wexler notes Minima, ModeModerne, Moderne and Reform — all, like his gallery, retailers of modern 20th- and 21st-century furnishings and art. “Philadelphia is known as a more conservative city,” he says. “It’s nice to have a venue like DesignPhiladelphia that focuses on modern design.”

Best known for: Former Christie’s assistant VP; internationally recognized glass and ceramics dealer; representative of more than 120 artists.

What he’s doing this year: Exhibiting the work of his latest find, Matthias Pliessnig, a young Wisconsin furniture maker whose airy wooden sculptures turn chairs and sofas into delicate works of art. “He bridges that gap between high design and handcrafted furniture,” says Wexler.