Movers and Shapers

This year, hundreds of local designers will host symposia, open studios, installations, parties and exhibits in 90 events from October 16th to 22nd

Nick Berardi, Richard Nicholas Salon

1716 Sansom Street, 215-567-4790,

A hair salon at DesignPhiladelphia? Even Berardi thought it was a joke the first year, when he decided — tongue in cheek — to host a cocktail reception/exhibition during the festival. But “Blue,” his underwater-themed event with live models dressed as mermaids in seaweed hoop skirts, turned out to be one of the best parties of the week. So Berardi followed it up the next two years, with “Frizz” and then “Shoot,” at which partygoers were given cameras to photograph live models at the Calderwood Gallery. “I thought it would be funny to step in amidst all the graphic designers and architects,” says Berardi. “I mean, we’re a hair salon. Then it actually turned out to be really cool.”

Best known for: Center City stylist of designers, artists, architects; president of Rittenhouse Row.

What he’s doing this year: Hosting “Stare,” a party with a handful of live models sporting full-body tattoos. “I’m always hearing clients talk about waitresses they had who were completely tatted up,” he says. “They always want to stare, but don’t want to be rude.” Now’s their chance. October 17th, 7 to 9 p.m. SubOcto Gallery, 2202 Alter Street.