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A local luminary keeps it real in South Philly

Add a writer to the list of locals fleeing the suburbs for the city. Playwright/screenwriter Bruce Graham, whose plays include the much-praised Philly Fan and whose movie credits include the animated film Anastasia, recently sold his house in Media and moved to town. Graham’s only hang-up was location: A native of blue-collar Ridley whose work has always embraced working-class characters and themes, he refused to move to anywhere that smacked of trendiness, like a sleek Center City condo or Northern Liberties loft. Instead, he, his wife and their daughter are in a rowhome in Pennsport. “There were too many fern bars in Northern Liberties for my taste,” says Graham. His newest play, Something Intangible, loosely based on the relationship between Walt and Roy Disney, will premiere at the Arden in April.