Taste: Dinner With: Chef Jim Burke

Of James restaurant, recently named a Food & Wine Best New Chef

Most recent meal: Leftovers again! Dry-aged sirloin with gingered romano beans and heirloom tomatoes.
Best meal ever: Lunch at L’Astrance in Paris, the day I proposed to [wife] Kristina.
Best cheesesteak ever: At George’s Sandwich Shop on 9th Street. With extra American cheese, fried onions and hot sauce.
Family food tradition: Lobster and french fries on Christmas Eve.
Fondest food memory: Eating cherries off the trees on the grounds of an ancient winery in Montalcino, Italy.
Least favorite food: Grape leaves. Yuck.
Restaurant pet peeve: Having to BYOB.
Favorite Philly restaurant, other than James: Mr. Martino’s Trattoria [even though it’s a BYOB]. I always, and I mean always, order the veal tortellini in gorgonzola sauce.