Web Original: Critic’s Notebook: Tickled Pink

Segura Viudas' light pink wine pairs perfectly with summer food.

Slowly but surely, pink wines seem to be shedding their bad reputation. Most wine lists have at least one well-chosen rosé these days. The best ones are crisp, dry and refreshing. Tria, always ahead of the curve, is currently pouring Aria Rosé Cava, a refreshing Spanish sparkler ($10.99 at the Wine & Spirits Shoppe on Chestnut, 215-560-4215).

Besides being arrestingly pretty when poured into a flute, the bubbly is food friendly and thirst quenching with a light body, good acid and citrus-y aromas. Plus, the black bottle makes for a nice presentation at summer parties, and the taste isn’t too fancy for summertime cookout fare like cheeseburgers.