Health: Don’t Sweat Dinner

Grab an after-workout bite without a bit of work at eight Philly gyms

Making it to the gym after a full day of work is hard enough; cooking a healthy, balanced meal when you get home at 8 p.m., sweaty, ravenous and tired, is almost impossible. More than likely, you grab whatever’s easiest — leftover pizza, a stale bowl of cereal, a pretty unsatisfying cup of yogurt or, even worse, end up snacking on junk or reaching for the takeout menu, all things that can easily negate all your time on the treadmill.

But now, you don’t have to leave the gym empty handed. Diet to Go, a program that delivers healthy, pre-made meals to gyms for easy pickup — choose from low-fat, low-carb or vegetarian options and varying caloric needs — has recently arrived in Philly. Your gym (see the list of participating Philly gyms here) will keep them in a fridge, waiting for you to step off that elliptical and walk out into the night, dinner tucked into your gym bag. Pop in the microwave and enjoy. Talk about not breaking a sweat.

Three meals a day/7 days a week starts at $116.99. Click for more pricing info.

To sign up, contact Dianne Holland, 800-704-7751 ext. 1139,