Good Life: Model Citizen: Rhonda Willingham, 39

Who: A saintly Philly native who brought her D.C.-based program, MenzFit, home in 2007.

What: Her nonprofit helps down-on-their-luck guys (more than 75 in Philly, so far) who are deemed job-ready get geared-up for interviews in power suits — albeit gently used ones.

What clothes say about the man: Rhonda doesn’t just hook guys up with sleek threads: “We form a relationship with them … it’s great to watch self-esteems go up.” And to watch men realize their new suits are symbols of a new life.

About that bond: March launches MenzFit’s Career Development Workshop program, where men can complete information sessions — think self-marketing and mock interviews — for even more booty, like SEPTA cards.

How to help: Clean out that closet and donate clean suits, ties and shoes. (Yes, it’s tax-deductible.)

Find out more about the organization by visiting MenzFit, 340 North 12th Street, suite 210, 215-922-1614,