Renoir Landscapes

Think Renoir is all about rosy-cheeked kids and chubby naked women? Wrong. For the next three months, the Philadelphia Museum of Art will be showcasing more than sixty of Renoir’s lesser-known landscape paintings collected from Moscow, Tokyo, Paris, New York, Sao Paolo, and Las Vegas, along with accompanying lectures and concerts (for those who want something a little different). If nature isn’t your thing, don’t worry—“landscape” apparently also means cityscapes, tourist scenes and raucous festivals for your viewing pleasure. Not only have fourteen of the paintings never been viewed before in America, some are new discoveries even for Renoir academia. And lucky us — the exhibition’s three-month stay in Philly is not only the last stop of a three-city trip, it’s the U.S.A.’s only venue, so put on your “I’m so artsy-fartsy” voice and tell all of your friends that, yes, you saw it.

$22 to $24. Oct. 4th through Jan. 6th, Tuesday through Sunday beginning at 10:00 am. End times may vary. Philadelphia Museum of Art, 26th St. and Benjamin Franklin Parkway, 215- 763-8100,