The Good Life: The Mix: Q&A: Andre Ferber

Did you always know you’d go into the family business? Actually, I never wanted to be in it. But when I graduated from Drexel, I realized I didn’t want to work for a big company — so I took the job here and never looked back.

What are you seeing as the big trends in fur this season? There’s an attention to tighter silhouettes, coats that show off the waistline.

And is Ferber getting in on the whole vintage and rehabbing trend? People have their 25-year-old mink coats that they don’t want to wear anymore because the coats are too heavy or out of fashion. They bring those to us, and we can make them into reversible raincoats in just about six weeks.

Do you think celebrity fur-wearing affects Philly shoppers at all? Sometimes. When Gwyneth Paltrow’s character wore that mink coat in every scene of The Royal Tenenbaums a few years ago, we sold a lot of that coat.

Do you work with any local celebs? Lots. But I’m not revealing any names!

So what do you do when people protest outside your shop? I respect everybody’s right to free speech in this country. If they choose to protest, that’s fine — I don’t try to convince anyone of anything.

Why do you think business has done so well in Philly? We are a walking city — there are only a couple of great walking cities, and we’re one of them. Plus, I think the women in Philadelphia have a great fashion sense.

Jacques Ferber, 1708 Walnut Street, 215-735-4173; for other locations, see