Pulse: Five Questions for: Chris Bowers

Chris Bowers, 32, West Philly resident and force behind the liberal blog MyDD.com. An early supporter of Howard Dean who was elected to the Democratic State Committee last May, Bowers is one of a growing number of progressive reformers interested in changing Philly politics

Progressives have made some inroads in the local Democratic Party in the past year. What’s your vision for the party and the city?

The party and the city need to be run in an open and welcoming fashion by people interested in fixing the problems of the city, rather than in retaining their own power.

So ward leaders like Carol Campbell essentially appointing themselves to vacant City Council seats doesn’t quite jibe with your view of democracy?

Uh, no. It reeks of feudalism.

Will we see a larger progressive presence in City Council primary races next spring?

The progressive groups will have a much, much larger presence than in any recent election.

Any of the mayoral candidates get you excited?

I am still looking. The candidates who can best achieve the sort of vision I described for the city and the party will receive my support.

Look into your crystal ball: What will Congress look like after this month’s election?

Democrats will win the House by five to 10 seats, but come up just short in the Senate.