Glossier to Bring Its ‘No-Makeup Makeup’ to Rittenhouse Row

The cult-favorite beauty brand’s expansion means more good news for the Center City retail scene.

glossier makeup

Inside Glossier’s Atlanta pop-up makeup store / Photograph courtesy of Glossier

You heard it here first — beauty brand Glossier will be opening a permanent store in Rittenhouse this fall. The Insta-famous makeup and skincare brand, known for its dewy looks and digital-first approach, will be located at 1716 Walnut Street.

“We’re excited to continue to activate on our omnichannel strategy, bringing Glossier to more people in more places,” Glossier CEO Kyle Leahy says. “Owned retail is an important part of our strategy that allows the full expression of our brand and to meet our customers where they are. We’re thrilled to bring Glossier to the city of Philadelphia for the first time.”

Leahy, who took over as CEO after founder Emily Weiss stepped down earlier this year, is growing the company considerably. Among other cities, Glossier recently opened a brick-and-mortar store in Atlanta and is opening in Washington, D.C. this week.  The company also just announced its very first retail partnership; in early 2023, best-selling products like the “Boy Brow” and “Cloud Paint” will be sold in Sephora stores, as well as on Sephora’s website and app.

Glossier’s announcement means more good news for Center City, where retail sales are at 94 percent of pre-COVID levels, according to Center City District’s June 2022 Retail Update.

“Retail today works when there is a strong online component, a strong social media component, and a relationship with the customer that is grounded in emotion,” Rittenhouse Row executive director Corie Moskow says. “Retail is not dead at all, and it is smart retailers who understand their customer preferences who succeed.”