10 Small-Batch, Philly-Made Lipsticks to Stock Up on ASAP

Refreshing your fall look just got easier.

philly-made lipstick

Ten Philly-made lipsticks ready to update your fall look. Photograph by Michael Persico; Styling by Alexandra Gutiérrez

There’s a reason Rihanna and Kylie built empires around makeup: These days, beauty sells. But you don’t need to run to Sephora to find the right new shade. Small-batch makers are turning out palettes of high-quality hues — from crimson mattes to nude glosses — right here in Philly.

1. Sabbatical Beauty “Merlot Sparkle,” $25.

2. Sabbatical Beauty “Rose Gold,” $25.

3. Shimmer and Spice “Something New,” $30.

4. Muskaan Makeup “Cerise Nights,” $29 at the Indie Shelf, Grad Hospital.

5. W Cosmetics “Top Notch,” $20.

6. Jewels Von J Cosmetics “Miss Cocoa,” $22.

7. Muskaan Makeup “Weekend Escapades,” $29.

8. W Cosmetics “Headliner,” $20.

9. Jewels Von J Cosmetics “Cherry Blossom,” $22.

10. Shimmer and Spice “Love Fool,” $30.

Published as “Loud Mouth” in the September 2019 issue of Philadelphia magazine.