The Statement Earring Has an Announcement

Summer’s must-have accessory just got a fierce upgrade.

statement earring summer accessories

Clockwise from top: Shop Sixty Five; Kirna Zabête; Anthropologie; Kirna Zabête; Egan Day | Photograph by Nell Hoving

Designs inspired by the natural world have long been fashion’s purview. The latest twist on that trend? Animal-inspired earrings, ranging from delicate golden ants climbing up dangling crystals to show-stopping flamingo-topped plumes. These pieces from local shops will show you’re one with nature — or at least make you look hard to tame.

Where to buy:

  • Lotasi Jewels diamond feather earrings, $2,200 at Shop Sixty Five, Rittenhouse.
  • Of Rare Origin Aviary Classic malachite earrings, $1,450 at Kirna Zabête, Bryn Mawr.
  • Mignonne Gavigan Flamingo drop earrings, $328 at Anthropologie, multiple locations.
  • Ellery Tsunami Oyster earrings, $525 at Kirna Zabête.
  • Gabriella Kiss 18-karat Ants on herkimer diamond earrings, $1,650 at Egan Day, Rittenhouse.

Published as “Wild Things” in the August 2018 issue of Philadelphia magazine.