Here’s Where You Should Be Ordering Your Super Bowl Sunday Takeout

For all the fans of wings, macaroni and cheese, hoagies, pizza, chips and dips.

Super Bowl takeout

Pizza from Down North is among our Super Bowl takeout picks. Photograph by Jauhien Sasnou

I don’t care at all about football, but I care so much about football-related snacks that I’ve come to think of the Super Bowl as a time to eat food that doesn’t have a natural place at other special-occasion meals. Yes, Super Bowl Sunday is the day for all your favorite foods that aren’t “fancy” enough for the rest of the events: wings, macaroni and cheese, hoagies, tacos, chips and dips. So whether you’re a football fan or just here for the food, these ideas for Super Bowl takeout will give you plenty to munch on. We all need something to cheer for, after all.

A giant banh mi from Kalaya
Giant foods are a category unto themselves when it comes to Philly Super Bowl eating. Kalaya chef Jeff McConnell is once again offering a three-foot-long banh mi stacked with pork, cucumber, long hots, cilantro spicy mayo and more. Order it here.

A giant hoagie from Middle Child
The other major contender in the huge-hoagie arms race is Middle Child. You know them. You love them. And now you can have them extra large. As they said themselves over at Middle Child, place your order now or forever eat small hoagies. Find information here.

A lot of wings from Freebyrd Chicken
Here’s the thing about wings: If you’re going to serve them for your big-game snack, you need to have a lot, because running out of wings is an incredible vibe killer. All those wings can be expensive, but Freebyrd is doing an amazing deal: a platter of 50 wings for $42. That should be enough for about … three people. Add a few orders of fried pickles for good measure. Call to order.

Juana Tamale’s Eat Your Heart Out Brunch
Chef Jennifer Zavala’s new taco spot is technically hosting a Valentine’s Day brunch, but Juana Tamale does takeout extremely well so there’s no reason you can’t have her dishes for the game. The menu is perfectly unhinged. The Poly-Ham-ory is a Mexican-style croquettes monsieur, the Slap-Jacks are horchata-filled pancakes with syrup, chocolate and orange zest, and the Eat My Box is the ideal game-day combination: two tacos, two tamales, chips and salsa, macaroni salad and three churros. See the full menu on Instagram.


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Porcos’ Kickoff Bites
We love Porcos for all things, but especially for feeding a lot of people. Get a fresh pretzel platter with housemade white provolone whiz, or a build-your-own porchetta sandwich platter. Find their full Super bowl menu here.

Korean Fried Chicken from Crunchik’n
Korean-style fried chicken is extra crispy, so when it comes to takeout, KFC is the way to go. Order one of Crunchik’n’s packages of wings or popcorn chicken, from 20 to 75 wings, and make sure to pair it with a couple of their crunchballs — big, delicious spheres of rice, beef and vegetables in a handheld form.


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Taquitos and churros from El Merkury
If I showed up at your house and you had arranged for a tray of taquitos and a tray of churro bites from El Merkury, I would be very excited. You can order those for me here.

Down North
Pizza is an obvious choice for the Super Bowl, but you can’t just get any old pie. Opt for Down North’s Super Bowl package, which includes two extra-large Detroit-style pies, plus 20 wings and a quart of lemonade. Order here.