Here’s What Our Favorite Philadelphians Order at Wawa

In honor of Wawa's 60th anniversary.

Alex Holley showing off one of her favorite Wawa menu items back in 2018

Alex Holley showing off one of her favorite Wawa menu items back in 2018 / Photograph provided

Over the years, we’ve asked countless notable Philadelphians what they order at Wawa. Hey, it’s just the kind of thing we do.

So in honor of Wawa’s 60th anniversary today, we thought we’d delve into the archives to find our favorites. Some of their answers weren’t particularly surprising (of course Cecily Tynan opts for wheat), while others, we weren’t really expecting.

Michael Solomonov, restaurateur

“My favorite Wawa menu item is a junior meatball sandwich on wheat with tomatoes, pepperoncinis and pickles, and parmesan cheese and provolone.”

Josh Shapiro, PA Governor

“Egg and cheese on a wheat Shorti with ketchup, apple slices, Wawa coffee, and a soft pretzel.”

Lê, Hop Sing Laundromat owner

“A ham-and-cheese but I tell them not to put too much ham on it. They don’t have a price for a half portion, but I will happily pay full price for a half portion.”

Chuck Peruto, criminal defense attorney

“The large meatball. Always. No cheese. No oregano.”

The Preston & Steve cast and Wawa Welcome America friends.

The Preston & Steve Cast, 93.3 WMMR

Preston Elliot: “Italian Shorti with provolone, tomatoes, hot peppers and mustard. And I usually grab a grapes, cheese & crackers pack.”

Steve Morrison: “Classic hoagie on wheat bread. Turkey. Swiss. Mayo. Onions. Oregano. Bottled water.”

Casey Boy: “Tabasco-flavored Monster Slim Jim, Italian Shorti, toasted with oil, vinegar, pickles and hot peppers. And Spicier Nacho Doritos — a small bag.”

Kathy Romano: “Turkey whole wheat Shorti with American cheese, a little bit of oil and vinegar, oregano. And then the seven things my son throws on the counter, because he thinks it’s a free-for-all!”

Marisa Magnatta: “Late-night grilled cheese: wheat bread, American cheese, Munster cheese, tomatoes, and a little bit of spicy mustard, toasted. Plus some crazy new chip flavor to snack on while I’m waiting. For a daytime or sober run, it’s just a water and two bags of apple slices.”

Nick McIlwain: “Turkey Classic, toasted, with spinach, tomato, Swiss cheese, honey mustard, salt, pepper, oregano and parmesan, a Wawa soft pretzel, a banana, diet orange soda, and a Wawa chocolate chip cookie.”

Jennifer Zavala swears by the Wawa chicken noodle soup.

Jennifer “Fear” Zavala, restaurateur

“One cup of chicken noodle soup, a Shorti Italian wit’ pepper-jack, mayo, lil’ bit of oil and vinegar, onion, lettuce, jalapeños, black pepper, and jalapeño kettle chips. But my favorite items at Wawa are actually the Irish coffee creamer and the chicken noodle soup. Wawa fell off a lil’ — ever since they opened in Florida. Pretty much anything in the ‘baked goods’ case is fire — as in bomb, delish, banging, the heat, the good good.”

Alex Holley, Good Day Philadelphia co-host

“The Italian sub sandwich and a peach smoothie.” [Ed. Note: We didn’t feel it was our place to correct Holley on her use of the word “sub.” She’s not from here.]

Cecily Tynan, 6 ABC meteorologist

“A turkey Shorti on wheat.”

Michael Coard, attorney and activist

“The fresh fruit salad, because I’m vegan.”

Bobbi Booker, journalist

“Jalapeño-stuffed cheese pretzels and a 20-ounce coffee.”

wawa menu christine flowers

Christine Flowers and her questionable Wawa purchase.

Christine Flowers, conservative firebrand

“The chicken fingers over mashed potatoes and the chicken corn chowder, along with a caramel-chip Frappuccino thingie, which is not called a Frappuccino or a thingie but I don’t pay attention I just drink it. And sometimes the mozzarella sticks.”

Fergus “Fergie” Carey, bar owner

“A tuna Shorti with lettuce, tomato and sweet peppers, with some sort of Arnold Palmer to wash it down.”

Frank Olivieri, Pat’s Steaks owner

“Tuna provolone with lettuce, tomato, onion, hot pepper, and mayo. Usually a Shorti but sometimes I get that really mini one and that just satisfies me.”

Ian Morrison, a.k.a. drag queen Brittany Lynn

“Always a chicken salad Classic, toasted with American cheese, sweet peppers and pickles.”

Kate Marlys, Philly PR Girl owner

“Chicken salad with provolone cheese, lettuce and banana peppers, salt pepper and oregano. You simply can’t go wrong with Wawa‘s chicken salad! This has been my go-to order for years.”

Dwight Evans, Congressman

“My standard Wawa order is the newspaper. It used to be the small turkey hoagie, but I’m trying to cut back.”

Ryan Long, Jeopardy champ

“Those mozzarella sticks that have been sitting under the heater for ten hours.”

Casey Parker, restaurateur

“A sausage, egg and cheese classic with mayonnaise and bacon. Delicious. Usually for a hangover.”

Adam Joseph, 6 ABC meteorologist

“Grilled chicken on wheat with all the veggies you can get on there. And a cup of hot tea. I despise coffee. It’s one of the worst things on the planet.”