This Soft Pretzel Turkey Is What Every Thanksgiving Needs

But we're not so sure about the pumpkin pretzel dip.

Philly Pretzel Factory's soft pretzel turkey

Philly Pretzel Factory’s soft pretzel turkey (photo courtesy Philly Pretzel Factory)

Yesterday, we shared with you lots of exciting news about the Philadelphia food and restaurant scene. The return of South Philly’s best burger. Pickles worth freaking out about. Brandy made with trout. (OK, well I stand behind the burger and pickles at least.) And now this comes across my desk: A soft pretzel turkey.

When I saw the image of this doughy delight floating around social media on Tuesday eve, I had to give it a close inspection. We’ve been hearing so much these days about faked photos and faked videos. We’ve been told that AI-equipped evildoers are going to be able to trick us into thinking things are real that most definitely aren’t. Misinformation will abound in ways we never thought possible.

But it just so happens that this soft pretzel turkey is no AI-generated publicity stunt. It’s not a deepfake. Instead, it is the creation of the brilliant bakers at Philly Pretzel Factory up yonder in Langhorne. There are scores of Philly Pretzel Factory locations in the greater Philadelphia area. But only the one in Langhorne has this soft pretzel turkey.

All this time, you’ve been sitting there wondering what you’re going to bring your Thanksgiving hosts next week. A bottle of wine? Pfft. A hunk of cheese from Mancuso’s? So 20th-century! But imagine the response when you walk through the door holding a soft-pretzel turkey in your outstretched arms.

Should you want one of these for Thanksgiving, you’re going to want to pick up the phone right about now. A worker at the Langhorne location told me orders have been coming in at a feverish pace and that they won’t be taking orders after Friday. The cost of the soft pretzel turkey is $15. I’ll let you decide if one of the seasonal dips like cranberry-mustard and, blech, pumpkin are a good idea.

And if you just can’t wrap your head around the idea of bringing a turkey made out of soft pretzel dough to Thanksgiving, might we suggest one of these locally-made pies.