What We’ll Be Eating at Foobooz La Fête, Night Two

We’re getting ready to throw the biggest party of the season on May 9th and 10th. You should really come join us.

We’ve been getting a little anxious for spring to hurry up and arrive. So anxious, in fact, that a couple months ago, we had this idea to throw a big party to give us all something to look forward to. We wanted there to be food and booze. We wanted to invite some of the best chefs in the city to cook for us (and a few hundred of our closest friends). And we wanted to have it outdoors so we could make a giant, classy picnic out of the whole thing.

That idea became Foobooz La Fête, spanning two nights at the Mann Music Center, under the stars and overlooking the city. We teamed up with some fantastic chefs, and a charitable partner so that we could give a little something back to the industry (and the people) we all depend on, and now — after lots of planning, lots of discussion and some unexpected complications — we have a menu for both nights.

Yesterday, we showed off the menu for Night One of Foobooz La Fête. Here’s what the chefs will be serving on Night Two:

Foobooz La Fête
Tuesday, May 10th, 2022

Càphê Roasters
Bánh Tráng Trộn – Vietnamese dried rice paper salad with quail eggs, tropical fruit, dried shrimp, toasted peanuts and shredded beef jerky marinated in Càphê Roasters’ Vietnamese espresso

Hummingbird Island
Jamaican prawn salad with scotch bonnet peppers and papaya

Khao Yum rice salad with assorted vegetables and fermented fish sauce

River Twice
Roasted hamachi collar with horseradish furikake, spring peas and mint

Rex at the Royal
Duck breast with sweet potato tostones, pickled mushrooms, sesame seed cauliflower and lemongrass curry coconut milk sauce

Join us on Tuesday, May 10th, and that’s what dinner will look like. There’ll be hors d’oeuvres to start, courtesy of DiBruno Bros., plus paired cocktails for each course from Bacardi (and wine and beer at the bar). It has been a long, difficult year for everyone. We know that. But now it’s time to celebrate in the best way we know how. With great food, new friends, fresh air, a couple drinks and some beautiful views.

And since we’ve still got some tickets available, we really hope to see you all there.