6 Summer Beers for Every and Any Occasion

From grilling to lawn mowing to sunbathing, a quaff for all your summertime activities.

summer beers

Summer beers for every occasion. Photograph by Donovan Witmer

Christina Dowd is the executive director of Philly Loves Beer, the guiding force behind Philly Beer Week and lots of other beer-related events throughout the year. Her picks will get you equipped for every situation — from lawn-mowing to pool parties and beyond.

1. Lummox, Ploughman Cider
(Adams County)
This 6.9 percent dry cider, hopped with Citra, is a super-tasty blend of fresh apples from Three Springs Fruit Farm. The perfect crossover for anyone trying to get into ciders!

2. Il Cielo, Human Robot
Pilsner is one of my favorite styles for any season, but Human Robot nailed its 4.5 percent Italian-style pilsner, Il Cielo. It’s something I’m ready to drink after a day out back gardening, reading, or just soaking up some sun.

3. Bancroft Beer, Second District
An absolute must for me. It’s an easygoing and welcome addition to my lineup all year long.

4. Saison, Allagash
(Portland, Maine)
I love a good saison any day, but I very much love this one in particular. I tried this 6.1 percent delight about a decade ago while I was up in Maine visiting the brewery. A favorite of mine for sunny-day lounging.

5. Peachy McPeachFace, Free Will
Free Will has an awesome sour program, and this 5.8 percent barrel-aged sour using peaches and nectarines from local Frecon Farms is absolutely delicious.

6. Ghostface Keller, Urban Village
This delicious keller-pils is made exclusively with Deer Creek PA malts and combines equal parts Colonial Pilsner, Pale Wheat and Pale Rye. Ringing in at 4.8 percent, it’s light and flavorful.

Published as “Summer Sixpack” in the Summer Starts Now guide in the June/July 2020 issue of Philadelphia magazine.