Dear Bryce Harper: You Need to Start Instagramming Food in Philly

Home runs are great. Your hair is beautiful. The cleats and t-shirt were cool and all. But what Philly really wants are pictures of what you're eating.

bryce harper instagram harpeats

Left: Bryce Harper in an AP Photo. Right: Bryce Harper’s food Instagram account.

If you’re a Phillies fan and also an Instagrammer, you’ve probably followed Bryce Harper on Instagram over at @BryceHarper3.

There, his 1.6 million followers have recently been treated to photos of his rather voluminous hair, photos of him ringing the bell at the Sixers game, and a cute pregnancy-announcement photo.

But this is not the Bryce Harper Instagram account that we are interested in.

You see, there’s also a Bryce Harper food Instagram account. It’s called, appropriately, @Harp.Eats, and it has some 40,000 followers.

The Bryce Harper food Instagram account is very much like your friend’s food Instagram account. There are lots of filtered photos of things that Harper and his wife Kayla Harper have eaten, from healthy-looking salads to, er, Cap’n Crunch breakfast smoothies?!?!

The difference, of course, is that nobody really cares about the photo your friend took of the gorgeous Swiss chard pie at Pizzeria Beddia last night, but we’re pretty sure that if Harper posts a photo of a crumb from Beddia’s crust, the city would go wild. It would be, forgive us, a grand slam in the food Instagram world.

The thing is, while Harper or whoever is handling his regular old Instagram account has been busy as the hostess station at El Vez on a Friday night, the Bryce Harper food Instagram account has been sitting dormant since September 28th, two days before his last game with the Washington Nationals.

So what gives, Bryce?

Granted, you’ve been a little busy. But you’ve made it quite clear that you have been eating out in Philly, telling Inquirer sportswriter Scott Lauber of your time here thus far, “Restaurant-wise, I’m 7-for-7.”

Philadelphia has already accepted you in a way that few outsiders with compensation packages such as yours have been accepted. It’s remarkable. You are loved. You are cheered. But if you want to be a true American hero to us here in Philadelphia, we want more. We need your food. Every morsel.