New York City’s “Best Cookie” Comes From Philly

Even better? It's made of pretzels.

lost bread co pretzel shortbread cookie philadelphia

Lost Bread Co. | Facebook

Non-Philadelphians tend to talk about Philly in terms of its relation to New York. They say that that it’s the “sixth borough” and write articles about the seemingly endless supply of expat Millennials with wildly disproportionate ideas about what makes rent “affordable” who are gradually taking over Fishtown. We mostly just ignore our overpriced sister city to the north and mind on our own business rather than engage with such microaggressions.

With that said, we have to admit that it feels good to see none other than New York magazine name a Philly product on their Best of New York 2019 list.

The magazine’s choice for Best Cookie was awarded to none other than Kensington’s beloved Lost Bread Co. and their groundbreaking confectionery mashup, the pretzel shortbread cookie.

Born of a desire to deliciously repurpose unused soft pretzels the bakery makes for FCM Hospitality’s bars and beer gardens, the sandy-textured, sweet-savory cookie is both sustainable and craveable. Lost has been selling them up there at the Union Square Greenmarket on Wednesdays, and it appears they’ve made an impression.

Maybe that’s the ticket to keeping rents low in Philly: we just have to export all our signature food items (DiNic’s roast pork sandwiches, Flying Monkey’s whoopie pies, these pretzel shortbread cookies) to NYC so they don’t have to come to us.