Here’s the Secret to Properly Reheating a Cheesesteak

Get a lesson in how to make leftover steaks crisp, hot, and juicy, straight from Tony Luke Jr. himself.

reheat philly cheesesteak

Tony Luke’s | Facebook

It’s a common conundrum. The cheesesteak you ordered for lunch comes piping hot off the grill — beef juicy, cheese molten, roll pleasantly crusty. You dig in, savoring this delicious moment. And for a little while, all is right with the world.

But let’s say you want to save half of that substantial sandwich for later, or maybe you ordered an extra for tomorrow (hey, we don’t judge). As much as you want that leftover cheesesteak to live up to its freshly-made brethren, you know the chances are slim.

Throw that precious bundle of cheese, meat, and carbs in the oven without a plan and you run the risk of drying it out. The toaster oven, while our preferred way to refresh cold slices of pizza, isn’t quite as good at freshening non-flat food. Don’t you dare think about sogging up that steak by zapping it in the microwave.

Thankfully, an expert in the field has come to our rescue with a proven technique for reviving a cheesesteak that’s been hanging out in your refrigerator — or even freezer. Tony Luke Jr. did us all a solid and posted a quick, informative video to Facebook with specific instructions for how to reheat his steaks.

Luke spent a year figuring out how his steaks could be frozen and reheated at home so that he could ship that South Philly flavor around the country. Here, he breaks down a simple and quick method for thawing and then reheating one of those steaks. Check it out below.