The 50 Best Restaurants in Philadelphia: Spring 2018

Chef changes, closings, and more in our first seasonal update for the year.

Raw bar at Royal Boucherie | Photo by Ted Nghiem

Right now, our 50 Best Restaurants list — all buffed-out and shiny after an especially long winter slog — is feeling fresh. It’s spring now (well, starting tomorrow), and that means the entire city is about to get inundated with a brand new sense of vim and vigor for all things food-and-drink, because if winter is for bunkering down and finding comfort wherever you can, spring is for waking the hell up, getting back on that dining-out grind and discovering what’s truly great in the Philly food scene today.

This update came with quite a bit of finagling, too. Le Virtù got a new chef in Damon Menapace, and Wm. Mulherin’s Sons underwent a major change. Kanella South is closed (sadly), so we ripped it off like a Band-Aid, and Pizzeria Beddia came off in anticipation of its April closure. In their place: Royal Boucherie, Nick Elmi’s Frenchy raw bar and charcuterie specialist doing some pretty fantastic work in Old City, and Rangoon, Chinatown’s Burmese landmark that quietly puts out some of the tastiest eats in the entire neighborhood.

Welcome to spring dining 2018.

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