What to Eat This Weekend: Fly Eagles Fly

Getting ready for this weekend's game? We talked to the Eagles' chef and asked him what the players like to eat.

The NovaCare complex’s smoker

Okay, so this week’s final round-up is a little bit different. Partly because we figure that the bulk of this weekend’s eating and drinking activities are going to be centered around the playoff game on Sunday, but mostly because we got to talking with the Senior Chef Manager for the Eagles, Jason Buniak, and he told us about this one thing that he and his crew cooks for the team every Friday.

It was weird enough and interesting enough that we decided that this week, we’re going to base all the other picks around it. So you wanna know what you should be eating this weekend? Let’s start with this:

Breakfast Fried Rice

Yeah, you read that right. While you all might have your own food traditions that go along with game day, Buniak tells us that this is what the Eagles actually eat going into the weekend. And not really just eat it, but demand it. It is, according to Buniak, pretty much exactly what it sounds like — eggs and bacon mixed up with some fried rice and served in gargantuan quantities to some very large men. So here’s how to make it.

1) Fry a lot of rice
2) Add three dozen scrambled eggs and an entire pig’s worth of bacon
3) Mix thoroughly
4) Serve in the largest vessel available — like a hotel pan, the wok you cooked it in or a medium-sized bathtub
5) Stand back

The team is also fond of breakfast tacos and all manner of smoked meats, so we’re going to keep going in that vein with…

Breakfast Tacos

You can make ’em yourself, of course. The recipe is easy: Make breakfast things, insert in taco shell, shove in snack-hole. Or you could hit up Honest Tom’s and get them made for you. They open early and, as a bonus, are open on Sundays at 9 a.m.

Smoked Meats

Keep it in South Philly and hit up Mike’s BBQ on South 11th for some serious 14-hour pulled pork and ribs with the Italian mac and cheese and warm potato salad on the side. Get enough that there’ll be leftovers for Monday. You’ll thank yourself come lunchtime.

The Hoagie, Deconstructed

Out in the ‘burbs? We haven’t forgotten about you. If you’re anywhere near the Collegeville Deli or any of the Corropolese locations, then you already know about hoagie dip. And if you’re not, then seriously, google “hoagie dip” and get to work. It’s the perfect game-day food, easy to make at home, and so Philly it comes with its own accent.

If You Must Go Out…

We’ve got you covered there, too. We just posted a list of a bunch of the bars and restaurants around town showing the Eagles game and/or offering specials to enhance your viewing experience. Everywhere from Mad Rex to Scarpetta is going to have the game on, so you’ve got a lot of options. Check out the big list right here.