Sure, Philly’s New Dance Club Has a Ball Pit. But How Will They Clean it?

Luckily, Concourse's management has thought of everything.

Courtesy of Concourse Dance Bar

Ever since we at Foobooz HQ heard about Concourse Dance Bar, FCM Hospitality’s latest venture combining a huge dance floor, a 20-person ball pit, and other Millennial-friendly features, one question has nagged us about the project.

How the hell are they going to keep that thing hygienic?

Luckily, the folks at FCM anticipated this question, which anyone who’s been to Chuck E. Cheese surely wondered after hearing about the retro nightclub, which is taking up residence in a former SEPTA concourse beneath 1635 Market Street.

An FCM rep assured us that Concourse has purchased an industrial ball cleaning machine made specifically for this purpose. (Something like the adorably-named HyGenie, we assume, which can wash, UV-sanitize, dry, and replace 8,000 balls per hour.)

While the club will have to wait and see how the ball pit fares after use, the rep said that the company anticipates running each and every ball in Concourse’s pit — thousands and thousands of them — through the machine at least weekly. Through February, the bar will only be open on Friday and Saturday nights, with Thursdays and Sundays anticipated in the near future, so a weekly cleaning actually sounds pretty reasonable.

The ball pit, which can hold up to 20 people, will also be attended by a hostess, who will assist guests with stashing their beverages (no drinks in the ball pit!) and shoes (also not allowed) in cubbies by the entrance. Guests wearing heels or other sockless styles will also be provided with those pantyhose-esque foot coverings you wear to try on sandals at the shoe store before hopping into the pit for some throwback fun.

Concourse’s grand opening is set for Friday, February 2nd. Wear socks.