Vetri Chefs Are Competing in a Culinary Cage Match

Jeff Michaud and Brad Spence will cook head to head on January 16th, and guests will choose the winner.

Jeff Michaud (L) and Brad Spence | Photos courtesy of Vetri Family

Osteria’s Jeff Michaud and Amis Trattoria’s Brad Spence are no strangers to competition: Michaud practices jiu jitsu, while Spence co-founded Fatback Boxing, a nonprofit that supports veterans through boxing.

But later this month, they’ll be going head to head at Alla Spina in a culinary cage match.

On Tuesday, January 16th, Michaud and Spence will compete against each other, each preparing a four-course, family-style menu. Guests will enjoy the meal, then judge the dishes and crown the winner.

Michaud and Spence have competed before — and last time, Spence won it all thanks to his killer dessert course, so Michaud will be out for redemption.

The culinary throwdown is $85 per person, not including tax and tip, and you can make reservations here.