Manatawny Still Works Is Opening a Bottle Shop and Tasting Room at Suburban Station

Well this ought to make your daily commute a little bit nicer...

Want some good news for your Friday? How’s this: Next week, the good people at Manatawny Still Works will (finally) be opening their third location — a bottle shop and tasting room inside Suburban Station.

I know, I know… It feels like they just opened the one on East Passyunk Avenue. But actually, that was all the way back in August and August was like three whole months ago. And being a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately kind of guy, I was wondering when they were going to get around to opening this new location, which has been in the works for months.

But anyway, the good news is, it’ll be open and serving starting Monday, November 20th — just in time to catch all those holiday commuters and folks coming into town to visit. There’ll be bottles for sale, bar gear, mixers and Manatawny swag— including their make-your-own gin kits. Plus, they’ll be pouring plenty of Manatawny spirits — including two new small-batch experiments by head distiller Max Pfeffer: a dark rum and his new Batch 15 whiskey. He’ll be offering tastes at the Suburban Station location ahead of their release date to celebrate the opening of the newest shop.

Speaking of which, the third Manatawny outlet will be located at the east end of the main concourse. It’s part of the whole “Station Shops at Suburban” plan that the station is going through — an attempt to turn Suburban Station into a shopping and dining destination (rather than just, you know, a train station). But for now, the easiest way to get to the new Manatawny bottle shop is from the JFK entrance. Regular hours will be Monday through Friday, from noon to 7pm.