Photographic Proof that People Are Disgusting in Restaurants

"What is wrong with people?" asks the owner of the London Grill.

Usually, when a restaurant uses the phrase “under the table,” it’s to refer to the common practice of paying employees in cash, off the books. But in the case of the London Grill, it’s something else entirely.

Longtime London Grill owner Terry Berch McNally decided to clean the underside of the tables in her Fairmount restaurant this week, and the photo above documents what she found… under one table.

McNally says that the bits and wads of chewed gum came from underneath a six-top at the London Grill and adds that she cleaned her tables a few months ago, meaning this is what has accumulated since then.

“Gum should be outlawed,” McNally wrote on Facebook. “As we say a lot in this industry, what is wrong with people?”

A lot, Terry. A lot.

In case anyone reading this is unclear about how to dispose of chewing gum, here are some tips from an etiquette expert:

The best way to dispose of your chewed gum is to deposit it into the original wrapper, wrap it up, and toss it into an available trash can. If the wrapper is not available, a tissue or any other scrap of paper will do. [Ed note: Such as a paper napkin at a restaurant.]

Discretion is called for in this situation. The gum should be gathered directly from the mouth into the wrapper if possible. If the fingers are used, touch the tip of your fingers to your tongue to moisten them. This will keep the gum from sticking to the fingers and causing a sticky mess. Remember to wash your hands after you are done.

We do like the solution that this restaurant came up with to deal with the problem.

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