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yo-yo ma and yannick nezet-seguin performing with the philadelphia and some noisy cell phones at the kimmel center
City Life

Four — Yes, Four — Phones Went Off During Philadelphia Orchestra Opening Night with Yo-Yo Ma

Tuesday was a big day at the Kimmel Center. The seasonably mild evening marked opening night for the Philadelphia Orchestra and, more importantly, the first […]

thanksgiving 2019
City Life

These Are the Worst People You’ll See at Thanksgiving 2019

The turkey’s been basted. The pies are all baked. The bar is fully stocked. And the house is in tip-top, immaculate, sparkly clean shape. The […]

jersey shore beach etiquette
City Life

The 10 Worst People You Will Meet at the Jersey Shore, Ranked

It’s summer in Philadelphia, and that means lots of fun in the Jersey Shore sun, copious amounts of Manco & Manco pizza, and, of course, […]


Photographic Proof that People Are Disgusting in Restaurants

Usually, when a restaurant uses the phrase “under the table,” it’s to refer to the common practice of paying employees in cash, off the books. […]

City Life

Forget Trump and Macron — We All Suck at Handshakes

If you’re honest with yourself, you know this: You suck at handshakes. I totally do. And so does Donald Trump. I sympathize. Trump had a […]

City Life

These Are the 20 Worst People You Will Find on Philly Sidewalks, Ranked

With Center City becoming more and more populated and crowded, we’ve noticed a lot more people on the sidewalks these days. Many of you are […]

City Life

Ranking Philly’s 5 Mortal Parking Sins

  Even with the strange new lens through which Philadelphians now view City Hall and parking, what happened over at the intersection of Broad and Market earlier this […]

City Life

This Halloween, Can We All Just Ghost?

I committed a grievous etiquette sin last weekend. I pulled a Halloween ghost. Let me explain, and see if you wouldn’t have been tempted to, […]

City Life

9 Golden Rules of Amtrak Etiquette

Darn! I missed National Train Day on May 10th. But in reality I have a lot of train days. That’s because I’ve been using Amtrak […]

City Life

QUIZ: The Ultimate Guide to Tipping

To tip or not to tip?  That is the question. The answer wasn’t a difficult one for one wealthy patron of Rouge in Rittenhouse Square.  […]