A New Chef Means New Southern Italian Goodies at Brigantessa

Adam Taylor has jumped right in and already has a new menu working.

Chef Adam Taylor / Kateri Likoudis

Brigantessa has been through some upheavals lately with the loss of chef Joe Cicala. And during all of the hullaballoo, Adam Taylor, a veteran of the Vetri Family, quietly replaced Ned Maddock as chef de cuisine.

Taylor has been working fast in his new gig, and he already has some new dishes to add to the menu.

For now, Taylor has been just tinkering with the board at Brigantessa, adding a few Southern Italian dishes (which are listed below). But soon enough, he’s going to be headed off to Italy to do some research. And when he comes back, he’ll undoubtedly be adding even more.

But for the time being, the new dishes at Brigantessa include:

Steamed clams

pan-roasted zucchini, white wine, chili

Sheep’s-milk ricotta cavatelli

wild mushrooms, spinach, parmigiano reggiano, toasted bread crumbs

Briganti-hat pasta

razor clams, yellow piennolo del Vesuvio tomatoes, saffron broth

Swiss chard-filled ravioli

beef ragù

Paccheri alla puttanesca

heirloom tomatoes, crab, chili, olives, capers

Ricotta-stuffed lumaconi all’amatriciana

Spit-roasted leg of lamb

eggplant purée, duck-fat cipollini onions, baby carrots

Agnello pizza

lamb sausage, roasted corn, ricotta salata, mint salsa verde

Most of those dishes went straight onto the dinner menu. But Taylor has also been dropping some serious nightly specials like squid ink bucatini or Calabrese pork belly. And yeah, of course we’ve got some pictures of the latest additions.

Calabrese Pork Belly / Adam Taylor

Steamed Clams / Kateri Likoudis

Peach and Prosciutto Salad / Adam Taylor

Swordfish Stuffed Mezzaluna / Adam Taylor

Agnello pizza / Kateri Likoudis

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