Edible Cookie Dough Finally Hits Philly

Here's where to get the trendiest treat of the summer.

Photo courtesy of Sweet Box Bakery

Edible cookie dough — made with special ingredients that make it safe to eat unbaked — is all the rage this summer. And Philly bakers have been perfecting their recipes to get in on one of the biggest food trends of 2017.

While all cookie dough is technically edible, and a healthy person is very unlikely to get sick from licking the spoon after making a batch of their favorite cookies, so-called “edible” cookie doughs are made to remove the risk potentially carried by uncooked ingredients, specifically eggs (salmonella) and flour (E. coli). These new recipes make it possible to indulge in a whole scoop of your favorite cookie dough with peace of mind.

Photo courtesy of Sweet Box Bakery

Sweet Box Bakery owner-baker Gretchen Fantini developed Doughlicious, her edible cookie dough recipe, to taste great without eggs, and she sources a heat-treated flour from a manufacturer based in Reading.

The Midtown Village bakery will debut Doughlicious on Wednesday, July 26th, in five flavors of scoops: The O.G. (classic cookie dough), Campfire S’mores, Cheesecake, Cookies-n-Cream, and Birthday Cake. Toppings can be added to boost your sugar rush, and each comes with a shot of milk to wash it down. The O.G. flavor will be available as chocolate-dipped cookie dough pops, too.


While Sweet Box is at the forefront of this trend in Philly, they’re not the only ones hopping on the cookie dough train: In Rittenhouse, Pamcakes cupcake bakery is serving up their own scoops of edible cookie dough in flavors like chocolate chip, peanut butter cup, and birthday cake-Oreo.

There’s even a shop in West Chester devoted to the trend. Baked Cookies and Dough, which opened in May, specializes in cookie dough both before and after baking.

They sell cookies, edible dough in cups or in ice cream cones, and a few items that are a little more meta: cookie dough sandwiches, a.k.a. bakewiches (their safe-to-eat dough between two baked cookies) and the doughwich, a particularly indulgent (and, we imagine, sticky) confection made of slabs of cookie dough with ice cream in between.

While we’re still not totally sold on edible cookie dough as a summertime trend — it lacks the cooling properties of ice cream, and there aren’t nearly as many flavors — we’re just glad that the world seems to have moved on from unicorn everything.

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