The Franklin Bar’s Anniversary Menu Is a Solar System of Booze

Eight cocktails, eight years, eight different creators.

Franklin Bar/Official

Yesterday, we told you about the big party the present (and former) crew of the Franklin Bar were going to be throwing this weekend to celebrate their 8th anniversary. But we talked to Jason Elliott at the Franklin yesterday and he had a little more information to share — namely the cocktail menu and who the brains are behind each drink that’s going to be on the menu this weekend, starting on Friday, June 16.

Eight planets, eight cocktails, signifying eight years in business, put together by eight different Franklin bartenders. Here’s what that kind of thing looks like.

The Franklin Bar

8th anniversary cocktail menu / June 16th-18th

Mercury – – Forget The Northeast

by Mike ‘Juice’ Treffehn (2010-2014/Head Bartender 2013-2014)
Old Granddad BIB, Dolin Blanc, Cynar, Cherry Heering, Absinthe & Tiki Bitters


by Nik Shummer-Decker (2015-Current)
Brown Butter Old Grand Dad BIB, Peach, Chili, Lime, Cream & Moroccan Bitters

Earth – Captain Planet

by Brian Maxwell (2017-Current)
Smoked Shiitake Applejack, Cynar, Vegetable Oleo Saccharum & Curry


by Adam Ravitz (2014-2016/Head Bartender 2016)
Angel’s Envy Bourbon, Smith & Cross Overproof Rum, Cherry, Lemon & Angostura

Jupiter – Angry Red Storm

by Al Sotack (2009-2014/Head Bartender 2009-2013)
Laapsang Infused Babancourt 4 Star, Chocolate Infused Campari, Maurin Quina

Saturn – And Then He Ate His Children

by Nemanya Popovich (2017-Current)
Yellow Chartreuse, Hamilton 151, Reposado Tequila, Mole & Orange Bitters

Uranus – Stick It Up Uranus

by Ian Adamczky (2017-Current)
Beefeater, Blue curacao, Smith & Cross, Lime, Orgeat

Neptune – Poseidon’s Elixir

by Brian Maxwell (2017-Current)
Famous Grouse, Yellow Chartreuse, Crème de Violette, Honey, Lemon, Pineapple & Orange Bitters

The menu launches on Friday night. On Sunday the 18th there’s going to be a special, casual service filled with friends, neighbors, regulars and former bartenders. And despite the fact that the Franklin crew left out Pluto (#BringBackPluto), it still looks like a very cool menu, put together by some of the most creative drink-slingers in town.

But hey, if you can’t make the festivities this weekend, have no fear. This menu is going to be served all summer long. And in a couple weeks, the Franklin crew will be launching their official summer menu (put together by the entire team, without one head bartender getting to make all the choices), and when that happens, we’ll let you know.

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