Zeppoli’s Joey Baldino is About to Open a Members-Only “Restaurant” in Philly

No phone, no reservations, cash only, members only.

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1408 S. 12th Street

You know Zeppoli. It’s Joey Baldino’s ode to Sicilian cuisine, a BYOB tucked away in Collingswood, N.J. behind some of the most honest, straightforward Italian cookery this region has — and will ever — see.  Baldino’s done well for himself in Jersey, over time turning his charming 35-seater into a destination restaurant for Philadelphians and those beyond.

And now, he’s got something new in the works: a quasi-private restaurant/social club called Filippo Palizzi Club opening this Friday, February 10, just off East Passyunk Avenue.

The century-old club’s full name is Filippo Palizzi Societa di Mutuo Soccorso di Vasto, and it’s located inside a South Philly row home at 1408 South 12th Street, currently operating under a “club” liquor license, as opposed to a “restaurant” liquor license. Since club licenses “must operate for the good of the club membership and in a fraternal sense”, meaning members-only, diners must purchase a $20 membership (it’s open to everyone) which can be purchased online. And that’s it, you’re in, no yearly renewals.

Keep in mind, the membership only allows you entrance to the restaurant. Otherwise, it’s cash only, no phone, no reservations — first come, first serve. You’ll know that it’s open if its neon sign is glowing.

And since it’s a private club, there are house rules:



  • No loud obnoxious behavior.
  • Proper attire required. (No hats, sneakers, flip-flops or sweatpants are allowed.)
  • Do not linger outside the front stoop.
  • Smokers can use the backyard.
  • No pictures or excessive cell phone use.
  • No blogging, reviewing, or tagging on social media.
  • Each member may bring three (3) non-members.
  • If you wouldn’t bring them to your mom’s house, don’t bring them here.
  • A membership does not guarantee entry.
  • Please have patience when we are at capacity.
  • Exit briskly and silently.

Hospitality GuruVincent Stipo (previously of Vernick and a.bar, and now a broker for MSC Retail) played consultant for the restaurant’s bar program, so check out the goods, both food and drink, here. Seems like Baldino’s going pure red gravy.