Looking For A Family Friendly New Year’s Eve?

Because there's a pretty cool one happening at Lo Spiedo.

‘Tis the season for a thousand New Year’s Eve party announcements. And while obviously, we get a lot of these flooding into Foobooz World HQ, our strategy in the past has been to cherry pick only the best of them–the cheapest, the most lavish, the most potentially debauched, the oddest–and only tell you about those.

To wit: This one, happening at Lo Spiedo on New Year’s Eve (natch), which has the rare quality of being a NYE celebration for the whole family.

So here’s the deal. This ain’t just any old kid’s (and grown-ups) party. The crew at Lo Spiedo are going all-out with an early party (starts at 6pm, goes until 10pm) that includes a ball drop (at 8pm), buffet dining for both the little and the big, games and activities (interactive board games, face painting, take-home crafts), drink specials for the adults and (this is the coolest part), a mocktail bar for the kids.

While the adults are knocking back French 75s, Poire Royales and cranberry sgroppino, the little ones will have their own bar with their own drinks like orange cream sodas, a limeade spritz, strawberry lemonade and special cotton candy soda (which, if nothing else, will certainly keep the little critters up and hyperactive until things wind down).

So anyway, if you’re in that position where you have kids but haven’t yet simply given up on all semblance of a social life, this is the perfect middle-ground. And hey, with that 10pm last-call, you can still probably get home in time to scrub the cotton candy off the rugrats, bed ’em down, and watch the actual ball drop yourself. Or, you know, just fall asleep on the couch. Which is what I usually do.

Tickets are $55 for adults, $35 for kids under 15, and can be gotten here, or via the link below.

Family Friendly New Year’s Eve at Lo Spiedo [Eventbrite]