Stephen Starr Goes International

He quietly opened a restaurant in Paris with chef Daniel Rose.

Stephen Starr

A while back, while chatting with Peter Serpico about his future plans with boss Stephen Starr, he told us that Starr was totally focused on a project in NYC with chef Daniel Rose–a collaboration between the two that involved the opening of a very French restaurant in New York (which turned out to be Le Coucou and opened over the summer) and some other “unnamed French restaurant” that might (or might not) be opening in New York a few months later.

Well, as things turned out, the timeframe was more or less right, but the location? Not so much. Because back in October, Starr and Rose very, very quietly opened a restaurant in Paris called Chez La Vieille.

It’s a small place (tiny by Starr standards) with just 18 seats upstairs and 10 downstairs. The cuisine is very traditional French. And Starr seems to be in it for the glory on this one–for the story of the place and the preservation of a little piece of old Paris–rather than the money, at least according to the story in yesterday’s New York Times.

So if you happen to be planning a trip to Paris soon and really have a thing for the classic neighborhood bistros, you should give this a read. As for us, we’re just proud of Starr for adding yet another city to his world domination tour. And kinda jealous of anyone who gets to go here to check it out.

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