Because Every Great Party Needs A Turkey-Shaped Shot Luge…

Such a noble creature...

Such a noble creature…

This showed up in my mailbox over the weekend. An email from Nick Elmi at Laurel and ITV, titled “Wild Turkey from a turkey’s ass.” It begins:


I think we have a really great/really stupid idea for Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Since its the “biggest drinking day of the year” and we( I mean us) all need a reason to wind down we figured ITV could do something fun.

What came next was possibly one of the best ideas I’ve heard so far this holiday season.

Elmi’s really great/really stupid idea was to throw a big-ass day-before-Thanksgiving party because Thanksgiving Eve is one of the biggest drinking days of the year. The crew at ITV are calling it “Gobble And Wobble Wednesday” and they’re offering drink specials on Beaujolais and Boulevardiers, the kitchen is cooking up grilled turkey tails with agrodolce (something Elmi used to do back in the day at Morgan’s Pier), and someone (I’m guessing Nick) had the awesome idea of having an ice sculptor come in to carve a three-foot-tall turkey out of ice which they’re going to turn into a shot luge.

They’re pouring Wild Turkey (natch). It goes in the turkey’s mouth. And guess where it comes out? The shots are free for anyone who wants to try it out. And as for details, Elmi closed off his email thusly:

Event starts at 930 and goes until we run out of Wild Turkey. Which we shouldn’t.

So yeah. If not for the fact that I’m going to be self-medicating with my friends and family in Rochester on the day before Thanksgiving, I would absolutely be there. Here’s hoping some of you out there will be willing to take my place. Or, like, all of you. Because this one sounds like it’s gonna get weird in a hurry.

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